Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy sets out how we, (“Noandishaan”) use and protect your personal data that you provide to us, or that is otherwise obtained or generated by us, in connection with your use of our cloud-based messaging services (the “Services”). For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Noandishaan, and ‘you’ refers to you, the user of the Services.

1.1 Privacy Principles

Noandishaan has two fundamental principles when it comes to collecting and processing private data:

  • We don’t use your data to show you ads.
  • We only store the data that Noandishaan needs to function as a secure and feature-rich messaging service.

2. Legal Ground for Processing Your Personal Data

We process your personal data on the ground that such processing is necessary to further our legitimate interests (including: (1) providing effective and innovative Services to our users; and (2) to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud or security issues in respect of our provision of Services), unless those interests are overridden by your interest or fundamental rights and freedoms that require protections of personal data.

3. What Personal Data We Use

3.1. Basic Account Data

“Noandishaan” is a communication service. You provide your mobile number and basic account data (which may include profile name, profile picture and about information) to create a Noandishaan account.

To make it easier for your contacts and other people to reach you and recognize who you are, the screen name you choose, your profile pictures, and your username (should you choose to set one) on “Noandishaan” are always public. We don’t want to know your real name, gender, age or what you like.

We do not require your screen name to be your real name. Note that in contactlist page users who have you in their contacts will see you by the name they saved and not by your screen name. This way your mother can have the public name ‘Johnny Depp’ while appearing as ‘Mom’ to you and as ‘Boss’ to her underlings at work (or the other way around, depending on how these relationships are structured).

3.2. Your Messages

3.2.1. Photos, Videos

We store photos, videos and comments on our servers so that you can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups.

3.2.2. Private Chats

We store private messages on our servers until the recipient sees them. After viewing, messages are deleted from the server.

3.2.3. Public Chats

In addition to private messages, “Noandishaan” also supports public groups. All public chats are stored on our servers so that you can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups. everything you post in public will be accessible to everyone.

3.3. Phone Number and Contacts

“Noandishaan” uses phone numbers as unique identifiers so that it is easy for you to switch from SMS and other messaging apps and retain your social graph. We ask your permission before syncing your contacts.

4. Keeping Your Personal Data Safe

4.1. Storing Data

The servers and networks that sit inside these data centers and on which your personal data is stored are owned by Noandishaan. As such, we do not share your personal data with such data centers.

4.2. Retention

Unless stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy, the personal data that you provide us will only be stored for as long as it is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations in respect of the provision of the Services.